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Ideal for STO L and Meadow Dolls Dumpling

Get carried away with the Real Littles Backpack!


Inside the Backpack you will find six surprise stationery items.

These tiny toy school supplies have been made mini but they all really work!

You might find tiny colored pencils, cute candy markers, micro glitter rulers, small stickers, little novelty erasers, weeny foil notebooks, novelty pens or sweet sticky notes!


Clip them onto your school bag, Handbag or even your belt loop and get your style on!


Real Littles are Things You Love Made Micro!

Not suitable for children under 36 months

Real Littles Mermaid Backpack

    • Find 6 stationery surprises inside your Backpack that really work
    • Real Littles Backpack has been made micro and have real working zippers and straps.
    • What surprises will you find inside
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