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Payment Plans


We offer flexible payment terms on our dolls and higher priced items.

Our payment plans are tailored to you personally, and will be set up on our system once you have paid the initial plan set up fee and made your first payment. 

Terms and Conditions:


  • Please do not purchase a payment plan before agreeing it with us. Any plans set up without prior consultation will be void an non refundable.

  • There is a set up and admin fee of £1 for a payment plan which covers the admin of your plan, and the storage or your item until the plan is paid off.

  • Payments must be made at least once a month (this period is determined to be from the first to the last day of a calendar month, regardless of when the plan is begun)

  • The date of the month and the quantity paid can vary from the original agreement if this helps you manage your own finances better.

  • Payment plans will ​last a maximum of 6 months. Your item must be paid off in full by the end of the 6 month period.

  • ANY payments made towards a payment plan are non refundable, so please be absolutely sure that you can afford the item before you commence your payment plan.  

  • Shipping of your item will be invoiced once your plan is paid off, alternatively you may pay in store, or arrange the item to be brought to one of The Doll Show events by prior arrangement. 

  • By purchasing a plan from this site, you agree to the terms and conditions set out above.

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