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STO Dolls

We are authorised UK dealers for STO dolls, and carry the dolls in all three sizes, (S, 5.5") (M, 7") (L 10")

The dolls come as shown in the image, but are completely customisable as all clothes can be removed and changed, as can his wig and eyes.
The STO heads contain little spikes at the front and back, or little circles of velcro to secure the wig, although a silicone wig cap could also be used.
To change the eyes you need to unscrew the back of the head and the eye can be swapped out for a different colour, or moved to give various expressions!
These dolls are so versatile.
The 17 joints in their body mean they can be posed in a variety of positions making them wonderful to photograph and position! They are also able to stand alone, although they do have small magnets in their feet which can help with securing them if needs be!

The STO dolls come beautifully boxed with their own certificates, and each will also come with a free gift from me!

STO S.jpg
STO M.jpg
STO L.jpg
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