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Ideal for STO L and Meadow Dolls Dumpling

This Fluffy Barbie Extra Stationery Backpack Surprise is a backpack with surprises!


It comes with a special fluffy texture and an extra stationery kit.

The backpack also becomes a keychain, so take them anywhere!

It's the perfect amount of fluff and function!

Enjoy all the advantages of a stationery kit to accompany your colourful backpack.


Each backpack contains: • 1 Mini Backpack • 1 Mini Gel Pen • 1 Mini Notebook • 1 Mini Sticker Sheet • 1 Mini Eraser.

Not suitable for children under 36 months

Barbie Extra Fluffy mini Backpack

    • Barbie Lila Fluffy mini backpack - Cute & tiny barbie Backpack that really work! What surprises will you find in your Backpack?
    •  Discover the cutest, tiny stationery items you can use at school and share with your friends!
    • Suitable for ages 6 years + 
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