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Ideal for  Meadow Dolls Moppet

Your Real Littles Bow Handbag is small but so stylish, and its full of mini essentials that every girl needs to get through their day!


In your Handbag you will find 6 surprises. What will you find?

Open up your bag and you may discover items like a mini Pen, a mini Magazine, a tiny Coin Purse, a little Lip Gloss, the cutest Compacts, mini Hair Brush, Hair Clips, Bag Charm and even a tiny Water Bottle!


Clip them onto your school bag, Handbag or even your belt loop and get your style on!


Real Littles are Things You Love Made Micro!

Not suitable for children under 36 months

Real Littles Silver Handbag

    • Find 6 micro surprises inside your Handbag that really work
    • Real Littles Handbag has been made micro and have real working zippers and straps.
    • What surprises will you find inside
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